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Coral Content is the publisher of eShe, an independent women’s magazine and blog based in India and Canada that celebrates the real-life extraordinary stories of women around the world. With ideas, inspiration and an intimate look at the world through ‘the female gaze’, eShe has touched the lives of millions of women and men worldwide since its launch in July 2017.

eShe is a monthly publication available in both print and digital formats, including on Magzter. eShe articles are syndicated to and, and the magazine has been media partner for Women Economic Forum. It has been ranked 26 among the top women’s magazines in the world by content aggregator Feedspot.

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The magazine features women from all paths of life – you’ll find an award-winning filmmaker from Mumbai, a retired university dean from Faridabad, a mother of an autistic son in Delhi, a diversity proponent from Toronto, a professional confidante from Zanzibar – and offers slices into their life as they go about beating odds and sharing their wisdom.

Headed by lifestyle journalist and magazine editor Aekta Kapoor, eShe looks at the world through ‘the female gaze’, and through the lives of its women, their joys and challenges.

“Working with Coral Content has been a magical experience. Getting someone to not only be able to understand your thoughts and articulate them but also tune them according to the platform and media required is a great blessing.

Aekta’s team does not follow a one-size-fits-all approach. They are not only ready to adapt to your style and need, but also bring forth great ideas.

Of course, beating our internal deadlines has been a plus plus.”

Yasmin Kidwai is an award-winning filmmaker and fashion designer based in Delhi.

Yasmin Kidwai, Springbox Films

“I sought out Coral Content to help me with packaging a new product, Japanese Green Tea, for my new firm VS Worldwide Inc. Not only did they have very relevant and fresh inputs to add, they were also able to help me tailor the packaging to the needs of the buyer. Their experience in online media and magazine editing was invaluable when it came to design and choice of words.

Aekta and her team are also very quick in their work, and remarkably patient even if my partner Shilpa Mehra and I changed our brief about product description and placement! They are thorough professionals.”

Versha Malhotra is the proprietor of Timbercrafts, a trading firm founded in 1964 dealing in ceiling and floor tiles, window blinds and other products for home and office interiors. VS Worldwide Inc is her new venture.

Versha Malhotra, Timbercrafts and VS Worldwide Inc